New Products of 2019


Kid's Magnetic Frame & Art Paper & Wipe-off Pads.pdf

Magnetic Art Frame.pdf

Magnetic Photo Frame.pdf

Magnetic Wall Sticker.pdf

Magnetic Whiteboard & Chalk Wallpaper.pdf

Printable Magnetic Wallpaper.pdf

whiteboard blackboard wall.pdf

Catalog of Electronic components.pdf

Flexible magnets catalog.pdf

Newlife magnetic premium products catalog.pdf

Testing Report of Magnet

Flexible magnets  EN71-3 CAN17-229038-03_EC_18469053_F.pdf

Flexible magnets  REACH CAN17-033298-02_EC_17814307_F.pdf

Flexible magnets  ROHS CAN17-229038-01_EC_18469053_F.pdf

Flexible magnets CPSIA CAN17-229038-04_EC_18469053_F.pdf

Flexible magnets phthalate CAN17-229038-02_EC_18469053_F.pdf

Testing Report of Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint -RoHS.pdf

Magnetic paint-EN71-3.pdf

Magnetic paint-VOC testing.pdf

Magnetic paint-formaldehyde testing.pdf

Testing Report of Magnetic Receptive

Printable magnetic receptive CAN17-101453-05(FF-ST340 EN71-3).pdf

Printable magnets CAN17-101453-05(NM-ST30 EN71-3).pdf

Certification of HP Latex

HP Indigo Magnetic Artpaper. PN RM-ART20(1).pdf

HP Latex _maco_ck-sol-pet_pp.pdf

HP Latex Certificate FF-ST340.pdf

HP Latex Certificate NM-ST30.pdf

HP Latex Certificate_CK-SOL-PET.pdf

HP Latex Certification report rev1_Maco_CK-SOL-PET.pdf