What Is Magnetic Paint?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Magnetic paint, that is, the coating into the iron powder, so that the wall produced magnetic force, it can adsorb any magnetic items. Can be mixed with other special paint, such as blackboard paint and whiteboard paint, add writing and graffiti function. can also add rich color water-based paint or paint, so that the wall blackboard no longer monotonous, to create a functional and aesthetic function of the wall.

Application scope:

Magnetic Paint range application is very wide, can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom wall, in addition, more parents choose to use in children's rooms and games, cultivate children's creativity.

Magnetic paint is a primer, it can cover any color of paint, such as: paint, cement paint, latex paint ... And so on, by the magnetic paint treated wall, the wall can be adsorbed magnets, generally used in children's room, office, kitchen, study ... and other places.