The Magnetic Dry Erased Products For Online Class

- Mar 25, 2020-

Everyone knows, All the schools around the world have been closed this year because of Covid-19 virus.

But during the lockdown period, teachers and students "do not stop studyinng, do not stop teaching".

Recently, he was touched by a video of a popular search on the Internet, In this video a teacher used a toilet door to write on.


The teachers are teaching, the students are learning,

What's missing?

The most lacking is the teacher's teaching environment, the most lacking is the blackboard which can be install easily and good to write on.

The Magnetic dry erased blackboard film and whiteboard film is a perfect products to support the online classes. 

The magnetic dry erased film can be put on the wall easily and it has perfect dry erased surface.


Because it can be put on the wall directly, very easy to install, no need nails, no need a big space.