Lakeshore 7400-s Vibrating Sample Magnetometer has been installed in NEWLIFE MAGNETICS R&D Center

- Oct 07, 2019-

The NEWLIFE MAGNETICS introduction of the lakeshore7400-s vibration sample magnetometer has been installed and is now in use.

Lakeshore7400-s vibration sample magnetometer is applied to material research and development, quality control and product testing, to complete the measurement and analysis of magnetic properties of materials. The 7400 series vibrating sample magnetometer can be used to measure various particles and continuous magnetic media materials, including: audio, visual and digital data tapes; Flexible medium; Magneto-optical material; Sputtering and electroplated thin film materials, including multilayer GMR, CMR, partial exchange and spintronic materials.

Lakeshore7400-s vibrating sample magnetometer will further enhance the r&d and testing capabilities of the NEWLIFE MAGNETICS r&d center to help develop new Flexible Magnets.