Newlife Magnetics Got A Patent Of Magnetic Post Card

- Mar 04, 2019-

Newlife Magnetics got a patent of magnetic post card

The patent provides a one-piece magnetic postcard, including a pattern layer, a magnetic layer and a writing layer.

The integral magnetic post card is a magnetic integral structure. It can be pasted on the surface of iron at will, easy to use, when pasted on the surface of iron, so that the whole postcard can be adsorbed and fixed at the same time, even if placed for a long time will not produce the phenomenon of bending or folding, the flatness of the postcard is maintained well.

The magnetic postcard looks the same as a traditional postcard, with no external appendages on the surface, which is easy to accept. The information on both sides of the postcard is not obscured. Users can easily enjoy or read. This magnetic postcard can be mailed normally and can pass through the postal sorting system smoothly.