Newlife Magnet Won A Lawsuit Against Magnetic Receptive Material Copier

- Apr 06, 2018-

Newlife Magnet is the inovator of printable magnetic receptive material in 2007, or called printable ferrous film. when the material launched in the market, it is widely considered a revolutionary product for advertising industry, so this product went into the printing and advertising industry fastly, and became a famous product in very short time.

In the same time, some small copiers saw this amazing product, they thought that will be a new chance for them to make some money, so some copiers start to make the similar but low quality material and launched into the market, this put a lot of trouble to the users, and damaged all the parts in this chain.

Newlife decided to sue one of the biggest copier in 2016, after 2 years fighting, Newlife finally won the lawsuit, the court force all the cheap copier stop infringing Newlife patents and stop making similar magnetic receptive materials.

Newlife is respected by the markeing by inovation, and Newlife respect all the intellectual properties. this win of this lawsuit encouraged us and gave us more confidence wo protect ourselves, in the same time Newlife will invest more in R & D to create more products for Printing and Advertising industry.