Newlife Is Back, Thank You All

- Feb 20, 2020-

Happy New Year, everyone! However, this is doomed to an extraordinary Chinese New Year Festival.


As everyone konws, the virus Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact to China, NEWLIFE company, and every Chinese people. Nowadays, all over the country have been fighting against the virus, making the epidemic prevention work in the priority, Newlife Magnetics is doing the same.

Since the outbreak of Virus Covid-19, a lot of Newlife’s employees have engaged in the epidemic prevention work together with the preparation of production resume. Our management, all managers and sales persons began to work on line since Feb 3rd. Our R&D center resumed to work on Feb 6th. Newlife fleixble magnets factory and magnetic advertising material factory resumed production on Feb 10th. We have been restoring capacity gradually.


The good thing is that none of NEWLIFE family or their family members has been infected by the virus. We appreciate every Newlife people for their great support in the prevention work, and appeciate for their efforts during this difficult period. Although the virus is fierce, we do not fear it. Please continue to pay attention on personal protection, to keep good ventilation, to wash hands often, to wear masks and less gathering. We believe the virus will pass away quickly.


During the virus out-breaking period, we received lots of warm and sincere greetings from Newlife's Customers, freinds,  partners, and shareholders, some of them hoped to offer NEWLIFE some help. We are appreciated but decline these assistances, and sincerely thank you for your care and love.


Newlife hopes we receive more requirement and more orders from all customers. We will do our best to cooperate with you to make a wonderful success in the rest 10 months of 2020.