Magnetic Paint Disadvantage

- Mar 22, 2018-

1, the price is slightly high, the price of magnetic paint about 1 litres about 1000-2000 yuan, so the general people brush magnetic paint will only be targeted at the local brush wall.

2, internal wall dedicated, do not recommend the application of the external wall. On the one hand, the magnetic paint price is not expensive, on the other hand, it does not fit to brush on the outside wall, so do not recommend the external wall brush magnetic paint.

3, in order to make magnetism lasting, need to apply four layers of paint above. Because the magnetic paint is functional coating, want its adsorption function is good enough, can not cut corners.

4, thickness difficult to handle, not easy to evenly flat.

5, toughness is poor, rub easily produce debris. This is because the magnetic paint itself without magnetism, essentially just mixed with iron powder coating, put on the wall, the inside of the wall with iron powder, it is inevitable to produce debris.