Japan Has Developed Transparent And Strong Magnetic Materials

- Apr 17, 2018-

Japanese researchers have developed a transparent strong magnetic film materials, the future is expected to be used for research and development in the automotive, aircraft windshield directly show the information such as oil, map of a new generation of transparent magnetic devices.

Japan electromagnetic materials research institute and researchers at northeastern university and other institutions in the UK the journal scientific reports, the report says, the new material called nanoparticles materials, by nanoscale magnetic iron cobalt alloy metal particles and insulating material aluminum fluoride to make.

The researchers found that the nanometer iron cobalt alloy scattered in the medium of aluminium fluoride, this structure can also play a strong iron cobalt alloy magnetic and two features aluminum fluoride pervious to light quality, at room temperature can show high pervious to light quality and the strong magnetism. The researchers also found that the transparency of materials can be controlled by magnetic fields, a new type of magneto-optical effect.

Researchers say, transparent magnetic materials have been extensively developed in the whole world, but the study is the first developed at room temperature under the condition of strong transparent magnetic materials, is expected to industry, including electrical, magnetic and optical equipment, innovative technology development.