Have You Ever Seen Such A Magnetic Wall

- Apr 20, 2018-

Have you ever seen such a magnetic wall? It has magnetic absorbing structure, no glue, no nail, and no damage to wall. Use flexibility, practical can combine innovation, also can personalize; Loadable, three-dimensional decoration, 3D objects easy to wall; Materials friendly, no harm to the body.


The magnetic wall culture, as the corporate sector, wall is very appropriate, can show the company's culture, convenient customer understanding of the company, and to build a cultural atmosphere, let employees to work more positive efforts. In addition, this magnetic wall can be customized, wall customization, and DIY magnetic wall. This kind of magnetic wall customization can be customized to suit your company style. Another kind of DIY magnetic wall is the same as our usual DIY album. Whether it's a magnetic wall or a DIY magnetic wall, there's always a culture wall that works for your company.

If the company wants to be big and strong, must have its own unique company culture, that wants to imprint the company's unique culture in each employee's heart, without a magnetic decoration wall is also improper. The magnetic wall that is being introduced today is more advantageous than the average. The magnetic wall of NEWLIFE has exclusive magnetic accessory, can match with the heart, match the style of oneself, let your metope no longer be identical. No benzene formaldehyde, material green and environmental protection, not harmful to the body, and can be recycled. Simple structure, drag is easy to change, the characteristics of the magnetic wall is to use environmental protection material to make a simple structure, easy to install, but simple and not contracted, hanging on the wall can adorn decorate metope, enhance the taste of whole space.

The magnetic wall not only fit for the culture of the corporate sector wall, because it can be customized different style, so can be applied to different places, like offices, schools, the sitting room can install this magnetic wall.