Export Quality Risk Warning For Magnetic Toys

- Apr 16, 2018-

Magnetic toys have long been popular in the market, but young children lack the sense of self-protection and love to put their mouths in their mouths. Magnetic toys are the main cause of childhood accidents. If the magnetic toy design is too small, it may cause the size of the small magnet to not meet the safety requirements, it is very easy to cause children to accidentally swallow the accident. Such as buckyballs, which are made entirely of magnetic spheres.


There are also big hidden dangers in the magnetic parts of some novelty toys. In addition to the risk of respiratory congestion, small magnets will also attract each other in the digestive tract, resulting in gastrointestinal perforation, obstruction and other serious consequences. In October, a boy in guizhou caused pain in his stomach for more than 10 days by mistakenly swallowing the magnetic beads in his "magnetic pen".

In the past two years, the United States and Europe have issued nearly 30 disqualified notifications of magnetic toys produced in China, involving magnets, fishing toys and other goods.