Canon Launched Magnetic Photo Paper

- Apr 20, 2018-

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On November 23, 2017, Canon (China) co., LTD. In Beijing issued a series of new concept "print", including eight teng color PIXMA ink-jet printer product, respectively, intelligent wireless home printer TS308 (buyers ultra-low prices), high quality photos all-in-one TS9180 / TS8180 / TS6180 / TS5180 (appearance, color matching different household style), professional business flagship version TR8580 fax machine (with fax function can also be very small), students all-in-one without linear TS3180 all-in-one (for students), contracted and fashionable household printer type TS208 fashion (small). The new products of 8 printers are upgraded in appearance design, output quality, operation portability and functionality, and are closer to the diversified needs of family printing. Released at the same time, Canon also 1 magnetic photo paper PS - 508 (after industry has never been a fridge magnets have played only) and 1 phone AppMessage in Print (Canon of soft power, after an ordinary photo Print can contain more information).

New consumables new applications make memories accessible.

All the time, Canon has been enriching the types of printing media and enriching the printing experience of consumers. The new magnetic photo paper ps-508 is also a new concept of printing medium. PS - 508, a total of two specifications, respectively 4 "x6" and 5 "x5", positive for the glossy photo paper, can print photos, with magnetic design on the back, can adsorption in the refrigerator, whiteboard, or other magnetic surface, consumers can directly print out any design personalized magnetic stick, and through the free clipping, easily get exclusive personality DIY fridge magnets.


Creative phone APP conveys more emotion.

Not only such, Canon also launched a mobile phone APP - the Message in Print, give photos an entirely new way of appreciation, let originally static pictures with more possible: using Messagein Print APP, can be pictures for embedding information in advance, a warm words, creative animation or an interesting video (link), Shared with friends after printing, when friends use Messagein Print scanning photos again, you can see on the screen of mobile phone embedded information in advance, to inject vigor, originally static pictures to your common memories, vividly presented.

Canon this release of inkjet products covers almost all family print application scenarios, and through different positioning and price products to meet different procurement budget and the demand of users, in addition, Canon starting magnetic photo paper and can realize interaction app is leading in the industry, but also give users more creative space.

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