Brief Introduction Of Magnetic Stripe

- Mar 22, 2018-

The magnetic stripe is a thin layer of material (also known as pigments) consisting of an array of directional iron oxide particles. Bonded tightly together with resin binders and bonded to nonmagnetic substrate media such as paper or plastic.

The magnetic stripe is essentially the same as a computer tape or disk, which can be used to record letters, characters, and digital information. The magnetic card is formed by bonding or thermal bonding with the plastic or paper firmly integrated. The information contained in the magnetic stripe is generally larger than the long bar code. The magnetic stripe can be divided into three separate tracks, called TK1,TK2,TK3. TK1 can write up to 79 letters or characters; TK2 can write up to 40 characters; TK3 can write up to 107 characters.