About Magnetic Paint

- Mar 22, 2018-

Magnetic paint is a primer, it can cover any color paint (such as: paint, cement paint, latex paint ...) etc.), by the magnetic paint treated wall, the wall can be adsorbed magnets, generally used in children's room, office, kitchen, study .... and other places.

Magnetic paint is not toxic, in line with international environmental protection and EU standards

Magnetic paint is a kind of coating containing magnetic material, which can be adsorbed by magnetic material. Just like the door of a refrigerator.

Magnetic paint will never affect the effect of professional machinery and equipment because of magnetism.

Magnetic paint can be brushed any surface can be painted, as well as the magnetic paint on the surface of the general coating of any color is not a problem.

All the standard magnetic materials can be adsorbed on the magnetic paint. The magnetism of the magnetic material itself will determine the strength of its adsorption.

Magnetic paint becomes a notice bar that does not attract attention, and soft boards or metal plates are no longer needed.