A Magnetic Art Frame Solution

- Jan 28, 2019-

Magnetic Art Frame solution, include a magnetic panel and magnetic receptive surface picture.

  • The art picture and magnetic base board are combined with magnets, no glue, no bubble, easy change.

  • One frame, free-changed graphics. 

·       the art picture can be multi-layers.

  • The whole frame is able to magnetize on wall.





Frameless Mag-Art


Frameless Mag-Art is suitable to deco separately, and make an imaginative combination.

Furthermore, to change the top painting easily.

l  Extremely Simple, Frameless Style Breaks Down All Restraints

l  Tech Visual Panel And Edge

l  Permanent Magnets 






Aluminum Frame




Wood Frame




PS Frame




Graphics Warehouse

We have seven home styles paintings in our graphics warehouse , tens of thousands of different designs for choosing.


About Newlife


Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd, established in 1998,  is the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic material and magnetic decoration material.

       Newlife’s MAG-ART is an innovative product, launched to worldwide markets recently, after more than two years of research and accumulation.  Nowadays, we have tens of thousands painting designs, dozens of frame size and unlimited assemble styles.