Flexible Iron Sheet Plain Brown

Flexible Iron Sheet Plain Brown

Flexible iron is has no magnetic force, but magnet can work on it, it is also called soft magnet or magnetic receptive products
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NEWLIFE has two kinds of iron glue element tablets, one is high energy formula, the other is anti - rust option(standard energy). High energy iron sheet has stronger permeability, but easy to rust, it need has alamination to protection the surface, more suitable for applications in industry.

Flexible iron sheet's use of magnetic wallpaper is increasingly popular. By fitting Flexible iron sheets with digital printing or other materials and printing beautiful designs and images, you can create an interchangeable and/or replaceable wallpaper that can be attached to a wall with a magnetic film. Restaurants, businesses and owners can easily change their wallpaper depending on their mood, holiday or season. Multiple layers can be used to create attractive designs and finishes. The versatility of the product creates many different possibilities for decoration and advertising.


Available size of flexible iron sheet

ProductsAvailable Thickness Available wideCustomized size
High energy Flexible iron sheet0.4~1.0mmmax width 620mm
Standard Flexible iron sheet0.3~1.0mmMax width 1524mm

Flexible iron sheet is made of iron powder mixed with plastics. It is a lead-free and environmentally friendly material with good magnetic conductivity. It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled and can be machined into any shape without damaging its magnetic conductivity. Unlike ordinary iron sheets, Flexible iron sheets have no hard, sharp edges or edges that cause no cuts or injuries and are safe to use. This material is ideal for whiteboards and educational products such as magnetic books, magnetic puzzles and checkerboards.

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