Your refrigerator needs some Magnetic shelves,

- Apr 07, 2019-

Want to show lifelike three-dimensional world on refrigerator door, bring new visual experience, make a person look unforgettable? Put a magnetic rack, it can meet your requirements.

Make your refrigerator door no longer drab, simple adornment is delicate life. Even if small a magnetic sticks, also can bring you the different feeling! English letters can be channeling the word to play a love confession, flowers and plants and animals pattern can be arranged a secret garden, tableware dessert pattern can be placed on a mini feast...


Hexagonal magnetic shelf is inspired by nature, close to life, highlighting the wisdom of design. Use of hexagon magnetic shelf to strengthen space stereo feeling. With the high energy flexible magnets attached on the back of the rack, you can install without trace, move freely, and do no damage to the refrigerator door. Make the space no longer inflexible and depressing, magnetic shelf has adornment and receive two functions. Make your refrigerator door more versatile.

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