You must know these advantages and disadvantages of magnetic screen Windows

- Apr 20, 2018-

Summer is coming, the mosquitoes also increased, but if you don't open the window, it will be hot in the room, to prevent mosquito come into the room through the window, so the screen was born, since the original screen window to portable screen window, visible window screen is indispensable for every family, so today we will introduce new screens - magnetic screen window.

1. Definition of magnetic screen window:

Anti-mosquito magnetic screen window is a popular term for "assembling and disassembling magnetic anti-mosquito screens". Using the magnetic stripe of rubber magnetic strip to absorb the magnetic screen window, suitable for building doors and Windows of the assembly and disassembly of the screen window. The user can install it by itself, free to change the net, easy to clean, smooth after installation, no broken window structure and other distinctive features, anti-mosquito and good decorative effect at the same time.

Ii. Advantages of magnetic screen window:

1. Superior performance: after the installation, it will not cause damage to our window structure, which is extremely smooth, and it is very decorative when it is used to prevent mosquitoes. Our users can easily do the screen window installation work, daily screen window replacement. The usual screen window structure is large, the cleaning problem is not convenient to improve, at the same time, we can install the cost saving our installation.

2. High seal: use the four pole magnets for the surrounding attraction and completely seal.

3. High cost performance: on the basis of preventing mosquitoes, it is also extremely convenient to clean, which can be replaced at any time, without damaging the structure of the window.

4. The production and installation is not complicated, we can install it ourselves, and a screen window can complete the installation work in about 15 minutes, reducing the human cost of our traditional screen window.

5. The glue will not be used during the installation process, and the resources will not be wasted, and there will be no need for maintenance.

6. It can be used for all types of Windows.


Iii. Disadvantages of magnetic screen window:

1. High maintenance, not easy to clean, high cost, poor yarn network replacement, poor sealing, can damage the original window type.

2. Disadvantages: only suitable for installation to the window, not easy to change the net, sealing effect is not good.

4. Installation process of magnetic screen window:

1, the first turn on the screen window frame assembly, according to the size and the corresponding four PVC, respectively applied to the screen using high and wide use of screen window, according to our previous quantity of a good size, according to the order in turn our PVC installation.

2, will be prepared before the yarn nets into PVC, laying good yarn net in the framework of has been completed, and then take right Angle, the yarn net use presser magnetic stripe to be pumped into the PVC, we should first yarn inside the side of the network voltage into the PVC on the outside, this operation can become very flat yarn network

3. Cut off the excess net.

4. The finished screen window is installed in the window, and the adhesive magnetic strip is attached to the top of our laminated magnetic strip, so that our window frame is kept clean. First, the protective film on top is torn apart and then attached to the window frame at the top, and the position is fixed, then the protective film is torn off from the left and right sides, and then pressed against the window frame, and then the magnetic stripe is pressed hard.

5. Install the clips


The magnetic screen window enables us to achieve excellent decorative when we prevent mosquitoes. Because part of the screen is very important for us, magnetic screen window is in a normal window screen on the performance of more is better, so friends can consider changing into magnetic screen window for his family.  I hope that you can have a certain understanding of the magnetic screen window by this article.