will you be exposed to radiation if you lift the security curtain?

- May 06, 2019-

Some people ask, Now when you take the subway or railway, bags are required to go through the  security checking. I read a story that if you lift the curtain of the security screening machine to get your bag when you go through security, you will be exposed to radiation. The unassuming curtain, called the lead curtain, is a protective device for screening machines to keep x-rays from leaking out, and to lift it would be to expose yourself to radiation. Is that right? If so, how much radiation? Can you wait to pregnant woman, child, cause adverse effect?

security checking machines work by using x-rays to see through luggage. Curtains at each end of the screening machines are a thick layer of lead that blocks the x-rays being scattered.

When you lift the curtain after security, you do get radiation. But the dose is tiny, much smaller than a medical X-ray, and the radiation from a screening device is between one-tenth and one percent of a single X-ray. Because images of security checks on packages do not need to be medically diagnostic resolution, the lead curtain is at the edge of the screening device, and because it is far away and has less radiation. So there is no harm to the human body, children and pregnant women do not have to worry too much.

However, it is best not to lift the curtain when the bag goes through the security check. It is the safest way to pick up the luggage in a far place after the security check.