Will magnets interfere with Wi-Fi signals

- Mar 24, 2021-

If your house uses magnetic wall covering, you may be worried about whether the wallpaper made with Flexible Magnet will block the WiFi signal. 

First of all, the magnetic wallpaper has little effect on the signal.

Factors affecting WIFI signal mainly include:

1, the indoor pattern is complex, the wall is too thick

Wi-Fi signals degrade significantly when passing through load-bearing walls, glass, or water, and the attenuation becomes more pronounced at higher frequencies.

2. The placement of the wireless router

Wireless routers are all products with built-in or external full-line antennas. Therefore, with the antenna as the center, the surrounding signal is strongest and the upper and lower effect is weakest. That is to say, the wireless coverage of upstairs or downstairs is doomed to be a failure, even if the so-called "villa-level" wireless router has no obvious effect.

3. Low antenna gain

Do not go into the "antenna number more signal must be good antenna number less signal must be bad" error. And some so-called villa-level products are equipped with antennas as high as 9dBi, of course, the length of the antenna is exaggerated.

Flexible Magneti is a kind of rubber sheet made of rubber and Ferrite magnetic powder. There are lots of gaps between the magnetic powder.  So the interference of Flexible Magnet to WiFi signal can be almost ignored.