Why use Magnetic Receptive material?

- Apr 20, 2018-

Magnetic Receptive material as the name suggests is the rubber containing iron powder, also some people call him a Flexible iron sheet. It is a new material that needs to be used with magnetic materials. With the emphasis on environmental protection, more and more people are paying attention to this new and pollution-free magnetic material.

How does a Magnetic material work?

The Magnetic material is the material that is extruded and extruded by mixing the iron powder on the base of rubber. Because it contains iron powder, it has the characteristics that can be adsorbed by magnet. It can be used together with magnets. In many environments, the two can be combined together without glue, nail, drilling and other destructive decoration. It is safe and environmentally friendly, beautiful and convenient.

What is the meaning of a Magnetic material?

A lot of people who have seen the rubber magnet will ask, since magnetic materials are needed, will the adsorption and adsorption materials all use the rubber magnet not to absorb stronger? Seems to be so, but in actual use process, if both sides use rubber magnetic, magnetic field due to the rubber strip shape, rubber magnetic automatically NS attraction counterpoint, thus the location of the both sides fail to adjust, and dislocation. Using a Magnetic material on the other side is the best combination. And the family and decorate use commonly is the material stick on the wall, if use pure iron material, avoid the problem of demagnetization, can long use have no effect.