Why laser printing system needs the new generation Magnetic paper

- Mar 26, 2018-

Printer devices such as ink-jet printers and laser printers have become increasingly more common and specialized in terms of their quality of resolution. Laser printers typically offer improved speed, precision and economy over ink-jet printing. Laser printers tend to be more expensive than ink-jet printers, however, comparatively speaking they are less costly to maintain. Toner powder, as used by laser printers is relatively cheap and lasts a long time, Whereas liquid ink cartridges tend to dry up and/or may be used up very quickly. A typical modem laser printer may also print 20+ pages per minute whereas an inkjet printer may only accomplish 7 per minute. 

As a direct result of the advances in both laser and ink-jet printing, hard copy versions of data are increasingly more precise and capable of conveying visual information With greater resolution and clarity. To some extent, this leads users to be more prolific in their printing efforts, both for their own use as well as in printing for dissemination to others. 

If the user is working with multiple versions of a document, image, picture, or other physically tangible form of the data, the issue of a paper copy and a separate electronic copy may become both complex and confusing. As such, a user may inadvertently open an electronic copy that does not correspond to the print copy he or she is working with. This introduces an opportunity for error within the data as the user makes changes. In addition, there is the prospect of additional time lost in sorting and com paring electronic and hard copies. These issues of lost time and data error potentially carry an economic cost.