Which products are mainly included in flexible magnet

- Apr 22, 2018-

The rubber magnets are divided into the isotropic and the anisotropic, the anisotropic is stronger. On the basis of this, it can be divided into single-sided magnets and double-sided magnets, and the users can choose the back glue and non-back glue.

The rubber magnets is also known as flexible magnets, which formula is put magnetic powder into rubbers, main processes include banburying, calender and magnetizing.

Flexible Magnets including magnetic sheets, extrusion strips, fridge magnets, promotional magnetic products, it can make roll film, volume, the shape of the size of (pattern) according to customer specific requirements. it can be mounted PVC glue, double-sided adhesive, import 3M, four-color printing, etc. it can be single side, double side multi-pole magnetization. The Flexible Magnets is widely used in door and window seal strip, toy industry, advertising industry, car instrument, refrigerator, car 4S4 repair shop and so on.

The manufacture and classification of flexible magnets

The manufacturing process of flexible magnets is similar to other products. In the formulation design, firstly, the variety, particle size and dosage of magnetic powder are determined. Next, the adhesive should be determined according to the use requirements, such as the use of natural rubber. In the process of processing, before or after vulcanization, it is necessary to add the magnetization process that other products do not have, so as to endow the product with permanent magnetism.

Used to characterize the magnetic parameters with magnetic induction intensity, the residual magnetic sensibility, magnetic energy product, such as magnetic induction intensity in the most commonly used, and its unit of measurement for gaussian (GS), general rubber magnetic requirements to the range of 100-600 GS.