Where is flexible NdFeB used

- Apr 17, 2020-

(1) automobile industry

Automotive industry is one of the fields where ndfeb permanent magnet is widely used. Automobile industry has become the fifth pillar industry of China's national economic development. In 2010, China produced 10 million cars. Permanent magnets are normally used in 30 parts of each vehicle, which will require more than 100,000 tons of permanent magnets. Due to energy shortages and environmental requirements, the development of electric vehicles is accelerating, with global production expected to reach 7 million by 2015, requiring 8,000 tons of ndfeb magnets. With the development of compact, lightweight and high performance automobiles, the demand for the performance of the magnets used in automobiles is getting higher and higher, which will accelerate the development of ndfeb permanent magnet.

(2) nuclear magnetic resonance imaging industry

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (mri) is a new technology and equipment used in the 1980s. It can take pictures of the internal tissues of the human body from different angles, so it can form three-dimensional images and determine the nature and shape of the lesions. In the past, superconducting magnets were used, but the disadvantages were high cost and operation cost. If the ferrite permanent magnet is used, one nuclear magnetic resonance machine needs 100T ferrite permanent magnet, while if the ndfeb permanent magnet is used, each machine only USES 0.5T. If the world market demands 20,000 units a year in the future, 10,000 tons of ndfeb magnets will be needed every year.

(3) information field

With the rapid development of multimedia technology and the trend of large-scale application software, high capacity and high speed storage media are needed to replace floppy disks. Optical disk drive is a new laser information storage device. The global market for optical disk drives reached 500 million in 2010. With a global production of 1 billion dvd-roms and burders, this is a big market for ndfeb magnets, with an estimated global demand of 40,000 tons in 2015. And mainly supporting in CD-ROM, DVD-ROM miniature dc spindle motor demand will greatly increase, accounting for 50% of ndfeb sales.

(4) machine tool industry

At present, a large number of production automation, has fully realized the pursuit of medium and small quantities of flexible production of many varieties, many countries in the automotive, flight industry is also developing in this direction. At present, there are about 28 million machine tools in the world, among which the proportion of NC machine tools and total machine tools is about 10%. The output of machine tools in the world is about 3 million, among which the output of NC machine tools is 400,000, and the proportion of NC machine tools is about 20%. If calculated according to the average 2.5 coordinates of each NC machine tool, the number of coordinates is 500,000, and 80% of them are controlled by dc permanent magnet motor. And the ac motor is unable to meet the requirements of small size, which undoubtedly opened up a broad application market for ndfeb permanent magnet.

(5) wind energy

By 2020, China's total installed capacity of wind turbines will reach 100 million kw. Assuming all 1.5mw wind turbines are used, more than 60,000 units will be needed. If the amount of each unit is calculated as 1.5 tons of high-performance ndfeb, the amount of 80,000 tons will be calculated as 300,000 yuan at the lowest price, which will generate 24 billion yuan of market demand for high-performance ndfeb Magnet.