What should be paid attention to when using magnets in injection molding parts

- Jul 27, 2019-

Magnets are widely used. However, special properties of magnets, such as magnets that cannot be struck, cannot be used at high temperatures. So how can we avoid these problems when using magnets?

What details do we need to pay attention to when using magnets in injection molding? Injection molding we all know that it needs to be molded at high temperature, only after the high temperature molding, injection molding parts will come out. In this case, if the magnet is placed on the injection molding part and molded together, the magnet will be easily demagnetized. In this case, our professional magnet manufacturers think we can solve the problem in two ways. First, use high-temperature magnetic materials instead of ordinary ndfeb strong magnets. Secondly, through the high temperature mold, there is a place for the magnet on the injection parts. Through these two ways, to avoid the magnet in the use of injection parts magnet demagnetization.