What is the use of the shielding curtain on the security checking machine?

- Mar 02, 2020-

Frequent travelers may find that security checks at airports and railway stations have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years,  most of the stations equipped with security checking machines that allow both luggage and people to pass through.


A lot of people are curious about what the curtain on the security screening machine is used for. In fact, this shielding curtain is essential, because it is designed to protect us, it can protect the body from the hurt from the security screening machine.


Those of you who know how security screening works should know that after we put our stuff in, the inside of the machine emits x-rays to reflect the shape of the object. Security inspectors also use the image to determine if passengers are carrying prohibited items. But radiation can do a lot of harm to the human body, and this curtain can block most of the radiation to protect the human body. The curtain looks black because it contains lead.

Because lead element has harm to human body, because of this recent years more and more lead-free shielding curtain is applied to security inspection machine.