What is the difference between magnetic RC photo paper and normal magnetic photo paper?

- Apr 29, 2018-

1, Magnetic RC photo paper is a paper coated with double-sided plastic coated paper coated paper, which is suitable for inkjet printers. The luster of this magnetic paper is the luster of the resin itself. This kind of paper has a microporous structure, so it can dry very quickly after absorbing ink.

2, In terms of the magnetic photo paper used for printing inkjet printers, the substrates are different and the applicable occasions are different. For example, if the paper is coated with high gloss paper, it can also be called RC casting high gloss paper.

3, The advantage of Magnetic RC photo paper is that it has almost all the advantages of ordinary high gloss paper. It also has the ability to absorb ink quickly and dry, and can be used at once after printing. High brightness, good ink absorption ability,  pictures color saturation high water resistance, even if the bubble in the water for a long time is not serious. No matter pigment or dye, all kinds of printerg, different print mode can be very good use. Besides high light, it can be made into matte, suede, silk and so on all kinds of apparent sister products. The disadvantages of magnetic RC photo paper: because of the ozone reason, it will be yellowing after a long time.

4, In theory these two kinds of magnetic photo paper can be applied to all inkjet models. Ink (dye. The pigment can achieve the effect of high gloss waterproof. In practice, magnetic RC photo paper can support pigment ink better.