what is the advantages of the magnetic flooring solutions

- Mar 02, 2019-

When you are looking for the best flooring systems, you want to find the suitable solutions for your home, office or business buildings that fit your budget. Among the most popular series of decoration products are the magnetic flooring solutions. The magnetic flooring systems are turning into a growing trend in architecture and interior design for variety of projects that require replacing of the floor covering.

What are the benefits of the magnetic flooring systems?

  1. very easy to install

    The modern technology used in the magnetic flooring enables easy and fast installing. The floors are ready to use and provide the feeling and the appearance of the natural flooring. The IntraTile magnetic flooring systems consist of two elements – LVT surface tiles and magnetic backing. The tiles can be installed directly over different hard flooring. No preparation of the surface is needed.

    The magnetic flooring solutions are suitable for both, small and large areas. This type of flooring is easy to replace as well. It is the perfect choice for projects that require changing of interior, like show rooms and etc. Once installed, the magnetic flooring systems are ready-to-use. You can place the furniture right away and start using the space without wasting time.

  2. Long Lasting and Durable

The magnetic solutions are resistant to moisture, and scratch and etc. The wear layer has 0.7 PU hard wearing. This type of flooring systems can last for many years even high-traffic environments. Therefore, they are becoming the preferable flooring solutions for Shopping Centres, Gyms, Office buildings and even Airports.

  1. Easy for maintenance

The innovative magnetic flooring systems are very easy for maintenance. They are fast to clean. Just simple techniques like regular sweeping and mopping are enough for keeping the flooring dirt-free and in a perfect shape. The tiles are easy for replacement in case of any kind of damage without removing the whole flooring. Just replace the broken tile and you are ready to go.

  1. Rich choice of designs

    IntraTile magnetic flooring aims to give you the authentic feeling and the appearance of the natural flooring. The rich palette of designs includes stone and wood tiles in different colors and shades to suit your taste and expectations. The flooring solutions will complement the design of the spaces and will provide the comfort and the cosiness of the natural flooring.

  2. Sound absorbing

The magnetic flooring systems are sound absorbing which means no bouncing sounds off the walls and the floors.

  1. Low cost

This cutting-edge magnetic flooring of IntraTile is more affordable than most of the popular flooring solutions offered on the market. The easy and fast installation, the easy maintenance of the floors and their incredible durability will save you a lot of costs in the long term.

Bellow are some products in formations for your reference. 
Structure and Advantage of the Magnetic Flooring Solution
  • This Magnetic flooring solution hass 2 layers, Magnetic Base and Magnetic receptive surface. the Magnetic Base can hold the Surface floor sheets and prevent it floor sheet sliding. 

  • The Magnetic surface is easy to take off and exchange.

  • The Magnetic Flooring Surface install very fast, and it will save the lots of installation time and save lots of labor cost.

  • The Surface and Magnetic base both can be reused. 

The Surface can be wood, PVC, carpet, or Metal. 

This magnetic floor solution has no glue or adhesive used in the whole installation. 


Newlife engineer installed the Magnetic floor in this 20 ㎡ demo kids room, it only took 35 minutes to finish the whole installation.

when you uninstall the floor, it also easy, no damage to the floor sheets or the mag base, and the Magnetic base and surface floor both can be reused. 


About Newlife


Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd, established in 1998,  is the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic material and magnetic decoration material.

            Newlife’s Magnetic Flooring Solution is an innovative products, launched to worldwide markets recently.

            If you want to know more about this Magnetic Flooring Solution, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to assistant, meanwhile you are welcome to visit our office and our workshops of this project.