What is permanent magnet ferrite

- Mar 10, 2019-

Magnetic materials are the basic functional materials in the electronic industry. As an important part of magnetic materials, permanent magnetic materials play an important role in electronic industry, information industry, motorcycle, electric tools industry, automobile industry and other industries. Permanent magnet ferrite material is the functional material that produces magnetic field.

Permanent magnet ferrite is made from SrO or BaO and ferric oxide through ceramic process. The strontium, sodium and ferrite produced by the permanent magnet department of the company have 9 brands including DM10T, DM20, DM25, DM30, DM33H, DM34H, DM42B, DM43, DM43B and bonded (plastic magnetic) permanent magnet ferrite.

Because its raw material price is cheap, and the production process is relatively simple, so the product price of permanent magnet ferrite is relatively low compared with other magnets. The main raw material of ferrite magnet is oxide, so it is not subject to environmental or chemical (except strong acid) corrosion, so the surface does not need electroplating treatment. Mainly used in arts and crafts, adsorption pieces, toys, motors, speakers and so on.

Production process: ingredients -- -- -- -- > presintering broken   -- -- -- > mill ball  -- -- -- > dry pressing molding wet/dry pressing molding pressure magnetic molding, sintering   -- -- -- > > mechanical processing  -- -- --> test  -- -- -- >  packing

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