What is magnetic wallpaper? What are the advantages of magnetic wallpaper

- Mar 08, 2019-

What is magnetic wallpaper?

Magnetic wallpaper, attached to the adhesive magnetic bottom or iron powder paint surface adsorption magnetic surface material, using nano-level research technology, strong adsorption on the magnetic bottom, play an environmental role, prevent bubbles.

Advantage of magnetic wall paper A: safety and environmental protection

There are children in the family who always scribble on the wall. Don't want to disturb their creative inspiration, some parents will make a small blackboard wall in the children's room, but the dust pollution is too big! Why don't you use this magnetic wallpaper instead of a chalkboard wall? Environmental protection and safety, the benefits are too much!


Magnetic wall paper, retained the traditional soft wallpaper, waterproof, decorative good advantages, but also let the wall with magnetic force. Completely non-toxic environmental protection, in line with international environmental protection standards, very suitable for use in the children's room, graffiti, to meet the children's desire to draw the horse line daydream. Wipe it off and leave no stain on the wall.

Advantage of magnetic wall paper B: simple construction

It can be magnetic bearing, also it can do 3D decoration. Metope installed this kind of material, need not punch hole again,  want to use the picture that has adsorption force to hang only and clapboard, the adornment that can set permeability layer easily or picture affix or take off.

Advantage of magnetic wall paper C: design is rich, cost is low

The pattern of magnetic wall paper can be spray painted or hand painted, pattern is rich, installation is very convenient, oneself can be completed independently. Durable and durable, additional wall paper still can change, change wall paper at will according to oneself mood completely, cost is very low.


Advantage of magnetic wall paper D: easy DIY, limited by small

This magnetic wallpaper combines imaginary scenes with real life. Families with small children can do DIY on the wall together with their children and have parent-child interaction with them, which not only cultivates their creativity, but also gives them a wonderful and creative childhood.