What is Flexible NdFeB magnets

- Mar 25, 2019-

Rubber NdFeB is a flexible bonded permanent magnetic material, it is made by binder with rubber, rapidly hardened NdFeb powder as a filler, and with auxiliary processing additives, it is a kind of composite materials produced by rubber production process. This composite material has high magnetic and mechanical properties, and it is easy to be processed into flexible bonded magnetic plates, magnetic strips and magnetic rings and other devices with complex shapes, so as to meet various requirements.

What is more important is the rubber NdFeb composite material is a magnetic material that the magnetic properties just between current sainered ferrite and saintered NdFeb permanent magnet, it has good machinability in the production processes, easier to cut, and doesn't need expensive equipment. Flexible NdFeB material surface does not need to be coated like the rigid NdFeB permanent magnet, so the production process is simple.

The size precision of bonded NdFeB magnets is high, which can be made into magnetic components with relatively complex shapes. Bonded NdFeb high mechanical strength, and other supporting parts of a molding.

The development of Bonded NdFeb permanent magnets in China is late. 

Bonded ndfeb permanent magnet is mainly used in office automation equipment, electrical machinery, audio-visual equipment, instrumentation, small motor and metering machinery, in mobile phones, cd-rom, dvd-rom drive motor, hard disk spindle motor HDD, and micro-special dc motor and automation instrumentation and other fields widely. In recent years, the application proportion of bonded Ndfeb permanent magnet in China is: 62% for computers, 7% for electronic industry, 8% for office automation equipment, 7% for automobiles, 7% for appliances and 9% for others.