What is Flexible NdFeB

- Feb 25, 2020-

Flexible NdFeB magnet is a kind of flexible magnet based on microcrystalline NdFeB grinding powder and polymer. Microcrystalline magnetic powder makes it highly magnetic, and synthetic rubber makes it flexible.

Performance of Flexible NdFeB :

It is the strongest isotropic flexible magnet in the world. Its maximum magnetic energy has been developed to 90kj/cm3 (11.25MGOe), which is 5 times higher than the magnetic property of flexible ferrite magnet, and close to the magnetic property of moulded NdFeB. The magnetic property of industrial mass production ranges from 16 to 68KJ/m3 (2.0 ~ 8.5MGOe).

Because of its excellent flexibility, it can be assembled more quickly than molded NdFeB magnets.

Application Flexible NdFeB:

Mobile phone rotation keys, wireless mouse, anti-theft protection sensor;

Micro motors in cash register, portable DVD, servo fan, laptop;

Flat speakers in television and stereo devices;

Strong suction tape, etc.