What is Ferromagnetic paper

- Apr 05, 2019-

Ferromagnetic paper is formed by impregnating ordinary paper or newspaper with "magnetic nanoparticles". It can be used to make low-cost "micro-motors" for surgical instruments, tiny tweezers to study cells, tiny robots and tiny speakers. At present, the researching people will also ferromagnetic origami paper, to study more complicated design.

Ferromagnetic paper is made by impregnating ordinary paper or newspaper with "magnetic nanoparticles" of mineral oil and iron oxide. Once the ordinary paper is immersed in the ferrofluid mixture, the paper is covered with a biological plastic film, which has a certain degree of water resistance, avoid liquid evaporation, and can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity and other mechanical properties.

All types of paper can be used, but newspapers and soft paper are especially suitable because of their good porosity.

The nano-sized magnetic particles, which are commercially available, are as small as 10 nanometers in diameter and about one millionth the size of a human hair. Ferromagnetic nanoparticles contain iron atoms.


Ferromagnetic paper can be used to make small stereo speakers, tiny robots or motors with a variety of USES, including tweezers to control cells and flexible mechanical fingers to minimize invasive surgery. Because ferromagnetic paper is very soft, does not cause damage to human cells or tissues, and is very cheap to make. For example, a cantilever actuator using "ferromagnetic paper" is 100 times cheaper than current silicon materials.