What is EMI electromagnetic shielding and why is it important

- Aug 03, 2020-

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is interference caused by changes in current and voltage caused by man-made and natural sources. This electromagnetic noise changes the optimal frequency of different types of products and equipment, resulting in performance degradation, failures and failures. Therefore, manufacturers must design ELECTROMAGNETIC shielding solutions to design high-frequency electronic components that produce less ELECTROMAGNETIC interference and protect equipment from adverse effects.

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What causes electromagnetic interference?

Electromagnetic interference is more common today than ever before due to the steady increase in the use of modern electronic products. So what causes electromagnetic interference? In fact, anything that you plug into an electrical outlet or use battery power -- such as a toaster oven, a cell phone, a TV, a garage door remote, a transmitter, a remote control, a motor and a power source -- can cause interference. Electromagnetic shielding is used to limit the level of electromagnetic interference emitted by the product and to prevent its destructive wave interference components.

EMI shielding manufacturing process: Medical, telecommunications, wireless and other industries use EMI shielding to ensure the normal operation of equipment, not due to electromagnetic wave failure. There are many forms of ELECTROMAGNETIC shielding used alone, or more often in unison, for best results.

Common methods include:

EMI shielding laminate comprises an insulating film and a conductive material capable of enclosing sensitive parts

Electroplated fabrics and foil strips are ideal for EMI/RFI shielding applications and maintenance of printed circuit boards

EMI cable shielding, which insulates the line by absorbing interference and deflection noise, is cost effective

I/O backplane washers for subcompact connectors with surface resistivity <0.05 ohms/square<0.05 ohms/square

EMI conductive foam made of closed - hole foam core can seal and compress effectively

EMI electromagnetic shielding solutions:

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