What is electromagnetic shielding?

- Apr 17, 2018-

Electromagnetic shielding is a shield that USES conductive material to reduce the alternating electromagnetic field to the designated area. The lightning electromagnetic pulse is spread around the center of the lightning strike point, which can reach up to 2 kilometers and beyond, and not only to the building itself or its internal equipment.

Electromagnetic shielding technology mainly consists of two parts: space electromagnetic shielding technology and circuit electromagnetic shielding technology.

Space electromagnetic shielding technology is through distribution in each azimuth is reliable, continuous electrical connections of the metal material layer to block the invasion of the electromagnetic wave, through to energy conversion electromagnetic energy on the shield and this can be converted into electrical energy, again through the earthing device leakage into the ground.

Line electromagnetic shielding technology is through the metal tube (tank), laying and continuous tube ends (slot) reliable grounding to form a shield to prevent electromagnetic pulse electromagnetic induction and generate overvoltage of metal wires. In addition to the space shielding function, the line electromagnetic shielding technology has the function of generating reverse electromotive force to offset the overvoltage of the line when the circuit is introduced.