What is a magnetic paint? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

- Apr 16, 2018-

With the constant development of science and technology, the types of wall coatings are constantly being updated, and the wall paint is mainly decorative. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the functionality of wall painting. So-called "functional" of metope lacquer is to point to, metope paint is not only have adornment function, but added some convenience and functional sex function. Such as "magnetic paint" developed in recent years, covering the metope, absorption and the function of the magnet can make metope is not only for metope added functionality, also make the walls much a few minutes fun. So, do you know what magnetic paint is?


Magnetic paint, is to add the coating to iron powder, make metope produces magnetic force, can absorb any magnetic article. Can be mixed with other special paint, such as blackboard paint and white board paint, add writing and doodling function. Also can add rich color waterborne paint or paint, let metope board no longer drab, build function and aesthetic function wall.

Range of application

The application of magnetic paint range is very wide, can be used in the metope of sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, besides, more parents choose to use in children room and game room, foster child's creativity.

Magnetic paint is a primer that can be covered with any paint, such as paint, cement paint, latex paint... Wait, the metope that is treated by magnetic lacquer, this wall can absorb magnet, commonly multi-purpose is in children room, office, kitchen, study... , etc.


Advantages of Magnetic paint

1. Durable and durable;

2. Adsorption magnetic materials;

3. Waterproof and anti-fouling, water-based environmental protection, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it conforms to international environmental standards and eu standard;

4. The magnetic paint can be painted on any surface that can be painted, as well as paint on the surface of the magnetic paint.

5. Simple and convenient construction, but DIY. Because the magnetic paint can cover any color of paint, so DIY, can play any role;

6. All the standard magnetic materials can be adsorbed on magnetic paint. The magnetism of the magnetic material itself will determine the strength of its adsorption, so the metope that has brushed the magnetic paint can become the notice board that does not attract attention.