What is a flexible warehouse magnet?

- Jun 02, 2019-

A flexible warehouse magnet is flexible magnetic tape which has been made into a 'C' shape. The 'C' shape magnet provides two lips for a piece of paper and a plastic cover to be slotted through allowing the magnet to be used as a replaceable label.


  Three flexible warehouse magnets labelling products on shelves

They can be used in a warehouse to help organise stock, hence the name flexible warehouse magnet. It is particularly useful for this task due to its magnetic capabilities allowing the labels to be moved around the warehouse easily when stock has changed. It can also be used on production planning boards where information needs to be constantly changed.


  Removing the card on a flexible warehouse magnet

The card inside the flexible warehouse magnet can be changed allowing the same magnet to hold different barcodes, prices or names of the products simply by changing the card.