What happens to food if it passes the X-ray machine?

- Mar 14, 2020-

There is no connection between Foods Inspection Equipment and X-ray machines. But if you bring food into the airport, it has to go through security. If you are afraid that the food will be affected by the X-ray and cannot be eaten, then you need not worry.

Although direct X-ray exposure to the human body will have an effect on the human body, the X-ray will not be stored on the object, so the food detected by the X-ray is not affected and can be safely eaten.

An object's radiation mainly depends on its own content and composition. Food such as fruit will not be left behind by X-ray exposure, let alone cumulative damage. The international food irradiation safety demonstration and test has been started as early as the 1960s. After long-term animal tests and human tests, it has been proved that irradiated food is harmless to human beings.