What exactly is in Flexible Magnets, why could it hold the iron

- Mar 20, 2019-

What exactly is in Flexible Magnets, why could it hold the iron

A small piece of fleixble magnets, incredibly has very strong suction force, it can firmly attached on iron surface, what is the reason?

A magnet, like any other objects on earth, is made of an infinite number of atoms. These atoms in the magnet are arranged in order according to a certain rule, and have great magnetism. Iron products are also made of atoms, but these atoms are arranged in such a way that they do not generate a magnetic field. However, if you put an iron product in a magnetic field, the atoms in the iron will quickly adjust their alignment and become uniform, and then it is said to the iron is magnetized.

Any magnet has two magnetic Poles, South Pole (S pole) and North Pole (N pole); They both have one characteristic, that is, the same poles repel each other and the opposite poles attract each other. When an iron product is magnetized by a permanent magnet, the pole to which it is attracted to the magnet is different from the pole of the magnet. If the magnet has an S pole at one end, the new magnet must have an N pole at the other end. So, we see the phenomenon that the magnet attracts iron.

This is why the Flexible Magnets can attach to the iron surface.