Want an interesting wall? You just need a magnetic blackish green chalkboard sheet.

- Nov 02, 2018-

Think about your own growth experience, is not all stick to the rules? From school to work, are flat and light, and live a step-by-step life. Occasionally there is a desire to break through, but due to the circumstances of reality and yield. For example, the decoration of his new home, clearly wants literature and art to be small and fresh, but because of his parents "not practical" and give up. Actually, want to individualize decorate, which have so difficult, one side magnetism blackish green board is done easily!

Want to make artistic and artistic small and fresh feeling in the home, can try to customize a sitting room blackboard wall. The calm color of the magnetic dark green board is just like the color of the blackboard menu in the coffee shop. But what about the blackboard? First, measure the size of the magnetic soft blackboard you need. Then, the data will be sent to the customer service of magnetian-jia. If there are special design requirements, they will be put forward together. Then wait to receive the goods, installation can be.

The installation process of the magnetic soft blackboard is very simple, with strong back glue, which can be completed along the original wall. The magnetic materials can be used to absorb magnetic accessories, and the favorite photos can be affixed to a wall, easily creating a family photo wall; The chalkboard wall in the living room not only has the function of decoration, but also is the memo paper of an enlarged version. The to-do list is written on, even if the memory is not good, it will not be forgotten. Magnetic dark green board still is the warming agent of family human feelings, the words that stirs feeling is not out, but can write down, "setting sun is very beautiful, you are more beautiful", draw on a love, don't say you are not enchanted.