W-Ni-Fe W-Ni-Cu Tungsten Heavy Alloy

- Aug 21, 2019-

Basic Info

Model NO.: As your requirement
Product Name: Tungsten Heavy Alloy for Military Defense
Key Words: Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Dimension: as Your Requirement
Density: 17-18.5g/cm3
Materia: W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
Feature: High Density

Transport Package: Standard Wooden Case

Specification: As your drawings

HS Code: 8101999000

Product Description

W-Ni-Fe W-Ni-Cu Tungsten Heavy Alloy

We mainly produce,develop and sell Tungsten and Molybdenum  plates ,sheets,foils,strips and boats,crucibles,vacuum furances and their subassemblies,sputtering targets,deep processing products ect, and Tantalum,Niobium,Titanium,Nickel,Zirconium,Chromium ect.other rare metals.The products are widely used in rare-earth,vacuum furance,glass fiber,industrial ceramic,chemical petroleum,aerospace ect,industries.   


Tungsten heavy alloy generally is refractory metal, which have two-phase composites consisting of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe. They are materials mainly with over 85% tungsten and low amounts of chemical elements, such as Ni,Fe ,Cu,Co,Mo,Cr, etc. We can produce tungsten heavy alloys with density ranges from 16.8g/cm3 to 18.75g/cm3. 


1.Tungsten heavy alloy can be widely used as balancing weights and high temperature moulds;
2.They can also be used as protection shields for high-energy rays;
3.Electro-heat upsetting anvil block and the core of armour piercing shell also adopt tungsten heavy alloy as material;
4.They are also offered as machinable blanks or precision machined parts according to customers' requirements;
5.Tungsten heavy alloys also can be used for producing aircraft control surfaces, helicopter rotor systems, engine components, ship ballasts, golf club weights, boring bars and down hole logging-sinker bars, etc;
6.They can be produced as the materials for making fire arms and ordnance.


1.Tungsten heavy alloy has a very high density between 16.8g/cm3 to 18.75g/cm3, which is twice as much as of steel and more than 50% heavier than lead;
2.It is of low thermal expansion coefficient, high strength and high modulus of elasticity;
3.It has high absorption capacity of high-energy rays;
4.The tungsten heavy alloys from Luoyang Ache metal co., Ltd comply with Standard ASTM B 777-99.
Parameters of Tungsten Heavy Alloys:
ClassNominal WDensityMax. hardnessTensile strengthElongation
weight%g/ccRockwell 'C'MPa%
Note: The data in brackets apply to non-magnetic nickel-copper tungsten heavy alloy.