Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weight High Density

- Jan 21, 2020-

Product Description

When you use our sticky tungsten fishing drop, you can increase or decrease its weight or change its shape at will. There is no need to stop and reassemble. It is a truly unimpeded and reusable fishing product.


Our viscous tungsten fishing drops are always compressible and sticky. You can repeat, repeat, and reuse it, and you will like it and love it when you use it. It is a revolutionary new product. It is tungsten, 30% heavier than lead.

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Sea fishing has become an increasingly popular sport and leisure activity. The vast sea not only enables the fishermen to feel the pleasure of fishing in the undulating waves, but also enables the fishermen to have a greater sense of achievement after fishing than they usually do in shallow water. Because that's the result of experiencing the power of the sea. While bringing more excitement to people, sea fishing is also more difficult than ordinary shallow water fishing. Therefore, the fisherman must have all the tools of the sea fishing in order to return home with a full load. The tungsten alloy fishing drop is one of the indispensable important tools in marine fishing tools. Its high proportion of characteristics, so that sea fishermen can throw the line faster and farther, so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure of sea fishing. The company provides tungsten alloy fishing drops of various shapes. At the same time, the company also provides tungsten alloy fishing drops with plastic intubation and surface painted, such as tungsten alloy fishing drops with shrapnel, tungsten alloy fishing drops with droplets, tungsten alloy fishing drops with tubular, rod-shaped tungsten alloy fishing drops and so on. The fishing drop with plastic intubation can reduce the friction between the holes in the middle of the fishing fall and the fishing line, thus protecting the fishing line from being broken.