Thermistor Ntc for Temperature Measurement

- Aug 30, 2019-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Function for Resistance: Protective Resistor

  • Material: Metal Oxide

  • Type: Thermal Resistor

  • Shape: Customized

  • Application: Variety Fields

  • Cover: 5*20mm Stainless Steel W Flange

  • Specification: RoHS

  • HS Code: 8533400000

  • Resistance: Variable Resistor

  • Installation: as Required

  • Packaging: Solder

  • Quantity: as Required

  • Resistance change scale: Non-Linear

· Special parameter could be made according to different requirement
· High precision, reliable NTC Thermistor connected to different wire, coated with insulated, heat conductive and water resistant epoxy resin into desired shapes
· High precision of resistance and B value
· Good coherence and interchange ability
· Quick response and high delicacy
· Double packaging techniques adopted to ensure good insulation and sealing effect, high resistance to mechanical colliding and bending
· A variety of coating configuration and shell materials are available according to different usages
· Cable length could be tailored according to customers' requirement

Room heaters, freezers, drinking water dispenser, air warmers, dishwashers, disinfecting cabinets, washing machines, driers, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, amplifier, medium-low-temperature drier cabinet, thermo tanks, unitary bathroom, medical apparatus and instruments, floor heating thermostat, soil temperature, water temperature and so on.

· The range of resistance under the rated zero power (R25oC): 0.1~1000KΩ
· The allowable tolerance of R25oC: ±0.5%,±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%
· The range of B value (K): 3100~4500K
· The allowable tolerance of B value: ±0.5%,±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%
· The range of operating temperature: -30oC ~ +120oC
· Dissipation factor: ≥2.0mW/oC (In Still Air)
· Thermal time constant: ≤30S (In Still Air)
· Encapsulated: A variety of shells
· Dimension: Customized