The principle of food X-ray machine and the difference between luggage security machine

- Mar 23, 2020-

The food X-ray machine can detect metal foreign bodies mixed in the product as well as denser non-metallic foreign bodies. It is detected by the X-ray produced by the device and the penetration ability of X-ray. In addition, food X-ray machine can also carry out product missing detection, broken packaging detection, as well as weight detection.

Principle of food detect X-ray machine

Mainly USES the X-ray penetrability, the collection photoelectric technology, the fusion computer, the digital signal processing and so on the technology, through the vision and the pattern recognition the image information carries on the distinction, the extraction, the discrimination, finally realizes the foreign body processing.


Purpose of food X-ray machine

X-ray penetration, from bone, plastic and other hard foreign matter to all kinds of metal foreign matter can be detected, to help you more effectively improve the quality of finished products. X-ray machine can not only detect the foreign body in food (such as all kinds of meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.), including metal, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastic, etc. Can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc. X-ray machine is widely used in food industry, medicine industry, textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial industries. Quality control in food industry to meet HACCP and IFS certification requirements. Baggage X-ray machines are designed to detect metal blades, explosive devices, guns, etc.