The magnetic chalkboard wall of pleasure and memory

- May 11, 2018-

Everyone hopes to have a place full of memories in the home, such as the picture frame on the TV cabinet, the graffiti left by the children on the wall and so on. But these also bring you trouble, we have to face the limited space occupied and that can not clean the clean wall. If you have a magnetic chalkboard on your wall, yes, it's a blackboard, you can solve the problem perfectly, and you will think it is the "angel" sent by god to you.


Here's the angel. This is a magnetic blackboard designed by Newlife. You can draw pictures on it, and children can imagine on this blackboard. Parents don't have to worry about the "aftermath" of the wall. Moreover, this magnetic blackboard is made of environmentally friendly PP materials and natural flexible magnets, safe use, Formaldehyde-free..

If you think that this is just a piece of blackboard, then you look too little at it, and don't forget the word "magnetic". You can also think of this board as a magnetic photo wall. put commemorative photos on it, next to the photo, you can write the love note. You can also draw your own creative graffiti to make the photo more interesting.

A seemingly simple magnetic blackboard, but with such a big use of and record it in our daily life of happiness and memories, let the home full of warmth and love. Don't hesitate any more, installing a magnetic blackboard it at once.