The Magnetic blackboard allows you to be the designer of your life

- Jul 05, 2018-

There are geometric figures everywhere in life, and everything we see is made up of basic geometric figures such as points, lines and surfaces. The infinite variety of geometric patterns makes geometric patterns themselves infinitely attractive. The Magnetic field is no longer limited to the traditional rectangular design. Various irregular figures are randomly cut, and the blackboard is cut at will.


The magnetic blackboard is unique in structure. It does not have to break the original wall structure, but can be used for many purposes, adding new colors to your home. The double magnetic structure is easy to install and change. First assemble the magnetic bottom, then affix the adsorption surface layer, installation only takes two steps, DIY is easy. More importantly, the unique function of flexible magnet can be customized and cut according to the size of the wall at home to create a personalized creative blackboard wall. If you have their own unique insights for the design, picked up a pen knife and scissors, bold clipping, each knife down, or square or round, or edges or angles, all, here is your carefully the good management result, the process of creating full effort, after the completion of the loading on the wall, was proud of you.


If you have a child at home, it can also be a useful magnetic blackboard. The variety of magnetic shapes can attract children and draw them to the blackboard. It's better than painting a white wall. What's more, the magnetic blackboard USES dustless chalk, which is safe and healthy, avoiding the harm caused by children's inhalation of dust. This solves most parents' problems.