The Difference between Absorbing Material and Shielding Material

- Dec 04, 2019-

Speak of the shielding room maybe everybody is not strange. Shielding room can block indoor electromagnetic radiation to the outside diffusion, strong electromagnetic radiation source should be shielded and isolated. The shielding room is made of magnetic materials. The parameter to measure the magnetic permeability of materials is the permeability. The higher the permeability, the better the shielding effect. There are many materials in the construction of shielding room, such as absorbing material and shielding material, so what is the difference between absorbing material and shielding material?

Absorbing material

Absorbing material is a kind of material that can absorb electromagnetic wave energy projected onto its surface. It absorbs electromagnetic waves by converting incident electromagnetic waves into heat or other forms of energy through various loss mechanisms of materials. In engineering applications, the absorbent material is required to have a high absorption rate of electromagnetic wave in a relatively wide band, and it is also required to have light weight, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. The absorbing effect of absorbing materials is determined by various electromagnetic mechanisms inside the medium, such as debi relaxation, resonance absorption, resonance relaxation of interfacial relaxation domain walls, electron diffusion and micro-eddy-current, etc.

Shielding materials

Shielding material is a kind of material that can isolate the metal between two space areas to control the induction and radiation of electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave from one area to another. Specifically, the material used to make the shield. The shield surrounds the interference source of element, circuit, assembly, cable or the whole system to prevent the electromagnetic field from spreading outwards; To surround a receiving circuit, device, or system with a shield to protect it from external electromagnetic fields.

The difference between absorbing material and shielding material

Absorbing material electromagnetic waves can not go in and out, can be agreed, but electromagnetic shielding materials are not necessarily reflected off the electromagnetic waves, but through either absorption or reflection to reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves to the other side of the shielding material. Therefore, it can be said that the absorbing material is to make the absorbing material and the same side of the electromagnetic wave transmitting source receive as little as possible the reflected electromagnetic wave, while the electromagnetic shielding material is to shield the material and make the opposite side of the electromagnetic wave transmitting source receive as little as possible the influence of electromagnetic wave.

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