The correct way to pass the security inspection machine

- Mar 23, 2020-

In daily life there are more and more places for security check, such as airports, stations, subways and so on. You can choose to open your bag for inspection, but in most cases, people will choose to pass their belongings through the security machine.

It x-rays the things in the cupboard. When a bag passes through a conveyor belt into an X-ray scanning channel, a trigger signal is created that causes the X-ray source to emit a beam of x-rays at a lower level.

Even if the radiation dose is very low, in order to reduce unnecessary X-ray exposure, we should enhance the awareness of self-protection, keep as far away from the entrance and exit of the safety system as possible, and shorten the time as possible.

When distributing and claiming the luggage, try to stay away from the security inspection machine, pass quickly, place the luggage from the starting point of the conveyor belt, and collect the luggage from the terminal exit of the conveyor belt, in strict accordance with the requirements. Do not open the shielding curtain of the security screening machine to take your luggage.

At the entrances and exits of the security system, when the curtain of the security inspection machine is lifted, avoid entering the inspection room to pick up luggage, so as not to be exposed to the trace of radiation in the gap of the shielding curtain.

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