The cloud magnetic shelf, makes your house romantic

- May 14, 2018-

NEWLIFE has launched a small, romantic collection rack, a MAGNETIC cloud shelf!

The impression of clouds is always beautiful and romantic. This time, NEWLIFE makes a cloud shape with a shelf, and also hopes to bring some romance to the home. This kind of cloud shelf is also belongs to the magnetic accessory, with magnetic writing board or iron refrigerator door and so on can achieve the effect of 3D bearing.


Clouds shelf is NEWLIFE magnetic display system is an indispensable part of metope, clouds shelf also show the NEWLIFE magnetic system added more color, make wall displayed more stereo feeling, at the same time the clouds in the design and the collocation of color and make the outstanding space is very beautiful, more decorative.

NEWLIFE's magnetic cloud shelf, like a cloud floating in the sky, stops on your wall. As the bearing frame not only opens up more space sense for the home, more is the decorative, the magnetic cloud shelf can add a few soft, sweet feeling to the room. Not only in house, it also can be used in shops, offices, add a different color for the spaces.