What parts of the car need injection molded magnets

- Apr 02, 2019-

With the development of automotive parts, lightweight and smart home, injection molded magnetic products are increasingly used, so many magnet manufacturers are optimistic about this business。 Which parts of the car need to use injection magnetic parts?


The picture is the ABS sensor magnetic steel, injection molded ferrite material.

There are a lot of magnets used in cars. Such as ferrite multipole ring, NdFeB magnet, injection magnet, bonded ndfeb are several materials used more on the car. Today does not talk about NdFeB strong magnet, or bonded NdFeB, only talk about injection magnetic.

Application of injection molded magnets in cars includes: ABS sensor, safety belt sensor, gear sensor, automobile air conditioner fan motor, automobile instrument, BSG brushless motor, automobile door sensor, water pump motor, etc.